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Chinese Text Project


Welcome to the Chinese Text Project homepage. The Chinese Text Project is a web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, particularly those relating to Chinese philosophy, in a well-structured and properly cross-referenced manner, making the most of the electronic medium to aid in the study and understanding of these texts. You may wish to read more about the project, view the pre-Qin and Han or post-Han tables of contents, or consult the instructions, FAQ, or list of tools. If you're looking for a particular Chinese text, you can search for texts by title across the main textual sections of the site.

This site is provided as a free resource supported by advertising and donations. If you would consider making a monetary donation towards the cost of running the site, this would be greatly appreciated - please click here for details.

Latest additions

2014-09-28Dictionary update
The dictionary section of the site has been updated to make better use of English translations. Dictionary pages now cite English translations of example sentences together with the corresponding Chinese examples. Additionally, dictionary look-ups for passages of texts that have English translations now display these translations side by side with the Chinese text for easier comparison. If you prefer the old behaviour, please log in to your CTP account and change the "Dictionary display" setting to "No translations".
2013-09-09New Wiki section
The Wiki section of the site provides online browsing and full-text search for numerous texts not yet included in the textual database. Since some of these texts have not yet been adequately proofread, users are invited to help in the process of correcting these texts using a Wiki interface, and encouraged to upload historical Chinese texts not yet included. For more details, please see the instructions or browse the Wiki.

Recent discussion topics

by yantoa

应为「齊侯欲以文姜妻鄭大子忽,大子忽辭」 [More...]
by nomasmentiras
I'm tired about christiania traslators like Legge or Wilheim, they were involved in church policy and had many interest in filter the messeges and contents of Daoism. I get disappointed qhen see the very much impresice and tendencious traslations of Legge were posted asides of the original texts. For people [More...] [1 reply]
by cjgait
Han Shi Wai Zhuan character correction scroll 5, verse 1
《韩诗外传 - Han Shi Wai Zhuan》
[More...] [1 reply]

Fonts and Compatibility

In order to view the Chinese text on this site, you will need to have a Chinese font and compatible web browser installed. In addition, because the ancient texts on this site incorporate many now obsolete and rarely-used characters, you will need to install a Unicode font which provides support for such characters (often referred to as CJK Extensions A through D). A suitable font is the freely downloadable "Hanazono" font; "Han Nom" also includes many (though not all) of the required characters. To confirm whether your system properly supports these characters, please see the Font test page. Proper support for Unicode (including so-called 'surrogates') is also needed, which may cause additional problems for users with older operating systems.

The site is designed to comply to relevant W3C standards, and so should be usable in any standards-compliant web browser. However, as the emphasis on this site is on usability and not compatibility with legacy browsers, it is recommended that you upgrade to a browser with good CSS support such as Mozilla Firefox to get the most out of the site.