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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Inner Chapters -> The Adjustment of Controversies -> 14


日+4 cuò ㄒㄧ ㄘㄨㄛˋ ㄒㄧˊformerly; ancient; in beginningv2,p1488#11p.492#05p.634r5c01
老+4zhě ㄓㄜˇ(1.3) 代詞:用於時間詞或否定詞之後,表示「...時候」或「...的話」。 Pronoun used after time or negation to express "when" or "if".v4,p2780#05p.961#01p.1080r1c01
𤖄 𤖈 𦻊 𠗎 𤕶
𠱬 𠄗
zhuāng zhōu ㄓㄨㄤ ㄓㄡ Same as 「莊子(1)」: 先秦思想家莊周。 The philosopher Zhuangzi. v5,p3226#05
夕+11 mèng méng ㄇㄥˋ ㄇㄥˊdream; visionary; wishfulv2,p0864#19p.247#16p.342r1c04
火+5 wéi ㄨㄟˊ Create, make. / Build, construct. / Do. / Plant, grow. / Govern. / Research, study. / Serve as. / Change into, become. / As, in the role of. / Count as, be considered as. / Called, named. / Expresses judgement: is. / Make, cause (to). / Have. / Take part in. / Write, author. / Connective: if. / Particle used in the middle of a sentence to move forward the object. / Modal particle used at the end of a sentence to express a rhetorical question.v3,p2198#11p.669#10p.844r4c03
 wèi ㄨㄟˋ Help, assist. / Preposition: for, on behalf of. / Preposition: by (passive). / Preposition: because of, due to. / Preposition: with, together with. / Connective: because. / Say. / False, fake.
肉+5 ㄏㄨˊ (Of animals) Tissue drooping down under the chin. / Neck. / Part of a weapon which hangs down. / Longevity. / Far, large. / Bearded. / What, why. / Arbitrary, unjustified. / The state of Hu. / Outsiders, foreigners. / Type of sacrificial vessel.v3,p2056#08p.979#12p.1093r2c01
虫+9 dié tiē ㄉㄧㄝˊ ㄊㄧㄝbutterflyv4,p2868#01p.1091#25p.1194r5c06
木+6 ㄒㄩˇspecies of oak; be glad, be pleasedv2,p1209#01p.523#09p.696r6c01
火+8𤓉 rán ㄖㄢˊ Burn. / Demonstrative pronoun: like this, like that. / Expresses affirmation: true, indeed so. / Believe correct, affirm. / Adverb: actually, thus. / Connective: but, however, yet. / Particle used at the end of a sentence to express comparison. Like, as if. / Particle used after an adjective or adverb to express state. / Particle used at the end of a sentence to express affirmative mode.v3,p2213#05p.675#12p.852r5c01
乙+2𠃟 ㄧㄝˇ Modal particle used at the end of a sentence, expressing assertion and affirmation. / Modal particle used at the end of a question for emphasis. / Modal particle used at the end of a cause-effect sentence to express explanation. / Modal particle used in the middle of a sentence to express a pause.v1,p0050#05p.84#04p.55r1c01
自+0𦣹 ㄗˋ Oneself. / Begin, beginning. / From. / Originally. / Natural, naturally. / Supposing, if. / Even, even if.v5,p3046#01p.1000#07p.1108r3c01
口+9 ㄩˋ ㄩˊmetaphor, analogy; example; likev1,p0657#08p.201#12
辵+11 shì ㄕˋ Go to. / Be married off. / Suitable. / Alter to make suitable. / Satisfied. / Luckily, fortuitously. / Just, recently. / By chance. / Connective: by supposing.v6,p3877#08p.1263#34p.1330r4c01
  ㄉㄧˊ Official wife. / Son of ones official wife. / Center on, focus on. / Well matched, equal.
 zhé ㄓㄜˊ Condemn, punish.
  ㄊㄧˋ Scared, afraid.
心+3 𢗍 zhì ㄓˋpurpose, will, determination; annalsv4,p2269#04p.376#21p.523r3c03
臼+8 𢌱 𦦲 𠔔 ㄩˊ(12.1) 語助詞:用於句末,表示疑問、感嘆或反詰。 Auxiliary word: used at the end of a sentence to express questioning , exclamation, or a rhetorical question.v1,p0251#04p.1004#13p.1113r2c03
一+3 𠀚 𠙐 ㄅㄨˋ(3.1) 否定副詞:用於動詞、形容詞等前面,表示否定。 Negational adverb, used before verbs, adjectives, etc. to indicate negation.v1,p0011#06p.76#15p.30r1c01
矢+3𢇻 𥎿 zhī Know, understand. / Perception. / Recognize. / Knowledge. / Know about, make sense of. / Be friendly with. / Control, get on top of.v4,p2581#02p.824#01p.955r5c02
 zhì ㄓˋ Wisdom.
口+5 𠱬 𠄗 zhōu ㄓㄡ Surround. / Cyclicly, repeatedly. / (Travel) widely. / Careful, detailed. / Firm, unshaken. / Measure word: number of times. / Friendly, approachable. / Suitable, appropriate (for). / Turning place, corner. / Most (superlative). / Assist financially. / The Zhou dynasty.v1,p0606#03p.181#36
人+7é ㄜˊsudden(ly), soon; Russianv1,p0162#14p.104#06p.106r2c01
見+13 𧠭 jué jiào ㄐㄩㄝˊ ㄐㄧㄠˋto wake up from sleep; consciousv6,p3675#08p.1137#23p.1231r4c06
刀+7𠟻 𠟭 𠞋 𠟔 ㄗㄜˊ Method, rule. / Mimic, emulate. / Level, grade. / Adverb used to emphasize an assertion. / Adverb used to express scope: only. / Connective expressing continuation: then, and then. / Connective emphasizing comparison. / Connective expressing contrast. / Connective expressing allowance: yet, even so. / Connective expressing unexpected turn of events. / Connective expressing suppostion: if.v1,p0340#06p.139#31p.183r5c05
艸+17𠙢 ㄑㄩˊ ㄑㄩˋa plant which resembles wheat but has no edible grainv5,p3325#06p.1069#40p.1179r6c08
丿+3 zhī Towards; go to. / Demonstrative pronoun: this, these. / Third person pronoun: him, her, it. / Auxiliary word: of. / Auxiliary word: used between subject and predicate, cancels independence of a clause. / Auxiliary word: used in a sentence for aesthetic purpose only, no meaning.v1,p0043#01p.82#04p.47r2c02
臼+8 𢌱 𦦲 𠔔 ㄩˇ(10.1) 連詞,相當於「和」、「同」。 Connective: and, with.v1,p0251#04p.1004#13p.1113r2c03
心+1 ㄅㄧˋsurely, most certainly; mustv4,p2267#02p.375#02p.522r5c01
月+2 yǒu ㄧㄡˇ Have, possess. / Store, collect. / Occupy. / Hold on to, retain. / Have in abundance. / Good harvest. / Obtain. / Only. / Be, exist. / Occur, happen. / Make. / Particle used before a noun with no meaning. / Particle used before a monosyllabic adjective with no meaning. / Particle used before a verb with no meaning. / Still, yet. / Some people. / Region.v3,p2041#05p.504#20p.656r5c01
 yòu ㄧㄡˋ Help, assist. / Same as 「又(3)」: Moreover.
刀+2 fēn ㄈㄣ Separate, split. / Distribute, divide among. / Distinguish, tell apart. / Difference. / Clear, evident. / Share. / Half. / Gist, general point. / Equinox (in the Chinese unisolar calendar). / Measure word: unit of length equivalent to a tenth of one cun. / Measure word: unit of area equivalent to a tenth of one mu. / Measure word: unit of weight equivalent to a tenth of one qian.v1,p0321#03p.136#04p.174r1c04
 fèn ㄈㄣˋ Rank, position occupied. / Work, office. / Guess, speculate. / Happy, content.
矢+2𠤘 ㄧˇ Modal particle used to express declaration. / Modal particle used to express exclamation. / Modal particle used to express an order or request.v4,p2580#04p.823#37p.955r5c01
止+2 ㄘˇ This. / Like this. / Here. / Adverb: then.v2,p1438#03p.574#10p.735r4c01
言+9 wèi ㄨㄟˋ To (when speaking to someone). / Say, speak. / Call, name. / Meaning, what is meant. / Discuss, comment on (a person). / How? / Same as 「為(21.3)」: Preposition: because of, due to.v6,p3997#06p.1173#12p.1251r6c01
 wéi ㄨㄟˊ Same as 「為(10)」: Count as, be considered as.
牛+4 ㄨˋthing, substance, creaturev3,p1805#03p.699#09p.869r5c01
匕+2𠤎 𠯒 𠏁 huà huā ㄏㄨㄚˋ ㄏㄨㄚchange, convert, reform; -izev1,p0109#04p.152#20p.201r6c02

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