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Chinese Medicine
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「厥陽」應作「厥陰」(網頁文字版,段落末)Chinese Text Projectshshrsh2017-12-03 03:40:15
Last post: shshrsh
「沉霠淫雨」当为「沉𩃬淫雨」Chinese Text Projectshixj12017-10-01 13:31:56
Last post: shixj1
繁體字: 五藏六府應為五"臟"六"腑"Textual issuessophia_liao2016-12-19 15:10:32
Last post: knewnsaw
繁體字: 恬惔虛无還是恬淡虛無Textual issuessophia_liao2016-11-08 10:02:24
Last post: louist
无有終時-> 無有終時Linguistic issuessophia_liao2016-11-08 02:12:51
Last post: pinghua
繁體字: 德全不"危" 還是 德全不"違"Textual issuessophia_liao2016-11-07 19:16:03
Last post: dsturgeon
繁體字: 腎"藏"衰 還 腎"臟"衰Textual issuessophia_liao2016-11-07 19:13:48
Last post: dsturgeon
精氣溢寫 還是 精氣溢瀉Textual issuessophia_liao2016-11-07 18:47:22
Last post: sophia_liao
電子版內容與原文不符,麻煩更正Chinese Text Projectjidwjkl2016-09-10 10:57:57
Last post: dsturgeon
電子化排序有誤,麻煩修正一下Chinese Text Projectjidwjkl2016-08-23 09:59:37
Last post: jidwjkl
痰飲欬嗽病脈證并治 55Chinese Text Projectblackyung2016-07-20 08:59:37
Last post: blackyung
腹滿寒疝宿食病脈證治,大柴胡湯方有誤Chinese Text Projectblackyung2016-07-20 08:39:09
Last post: blackyung
一个错误Other topicsjiecaiseed2016-03-10 05:18:41
Last post: jiecaiseed 12:01:10
Last post: the_duke
內經 素問 經脈別論『腑精神明,留於四臟,氣歸於椎衡。權衡以平,氣口成寸,以決死生」- 錯字Chinese Text Projectshui12345672014-10-26 06:21:15
Last post: shui1234567
五行与六气的关系在《内经》中是不是错误的?Other topicssteley2014-06-09 05:19:18
Last post: likitty
黄帝内经·经筋·足少阳之筋错字一处Textual issuesdxhsmwqc2013-09-29 14:21:57
Last post: dsturgeon
恬惔虛无 -> 恬惔虛無Linguistic issuesgongzhitaao2013-08-12 22:19:38
Last post: gongzhitaao
恬惔虚旡,应为恬惔虚无Linguistic issuesimmeasurable2013-07-06 06:39:03
Last post: dsturgeon
《黃帝內經·五味》 誤字Chinese Text Projectshui12345672013-01-09 08:17:48
Last post: echotien

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