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「極高明而中庸」掉一「道」字Textual issuesoscarsun722017-01-29 14:10:36
Last post: oscarsun72
礼记大学13.1有错误Textual issueskennies2016-12-21 02:07:00
Last post: kennies
字與底本不合Chinese Text Projectarthur2016-07-27 07:03:00
Last post: yinghuaz
此段作槨者應作椁Chinese Text Projectarthur2016-07-24 12:57:21
Last post: arthur
有關《禮記·坊記》的吊與弔Chinese Text Projectivy557322016-02-04 23:24:34
Last post: ivy55732
校勘Textual issuesfergus2015-07-27 02:53:28
Last post: fergus
此小节中的「茍」似都应为「苟」。Textual issuesdali20112014-07-04 00:46:33
Last post: dali2011
此中「祖禰」似当为「祖廟」。Textual issuesdali20112014-06-22 03:45:49
Last post: dali2011
請問是「茍(ㄐㄧˊ)日新」還是「苟(ㄍㄡˇ)日新」?Textual issuesmingyang2014-01-12 19:11:23
Last post: justsojazz
此段落中的「後」以及「修」在电子图书馆影印本里皆为:「后」与「脩」Chinese Text Projectcinsar2014-01-11 00:29:19
Last post: cinsar
此段落中的「後」应更正为「后」。Chinese Text Projectcinsar2014-01-11 00:14:30
Last post: cinsar
"茍"似当为"苟"Textual issuesdali20112014-01-02 00:15:31
Last post: muzimuzhi
揪錯Chinese Text Projectlaohaia2013-09-30 01:46:40
Last post: real_info
改错Textual issuessidongzhe2013-07-06 06:38:40
Last post: dsturgeon
「茍」当为「苟」Textual issuesdali20112012-12-06 08:08:04
Last post: dsturgeon
《禮記·樂記》 44 有誤Textual issueszero20092012-06-30 03:43:10
Last post: dsturgeon
輸入有誤Textual issueszhangyb2012-06-29 08:38:45
Last post: dsturgeon
Mandarin Pronounciation questionLinguistic issuesjustsojazz2012-04-27 11:37:02
Last post: justsojazz
莊後Textual issuesfergus2012-03-14 10:54:22
Last post: dsturgeon
hi i am interested in nonduality in Chinese traditionsPhilosophical issuesb9humningbirdhoverin2010-05-10 17:16:26
Last post: b9humningbirdhoverin

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