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Chinese Text Project

Rulers of Sòng (宋)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Sòng (宋)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
宋微子子啟Wei Zi of Song
宋微仲子衍Wei Zhong of Song
宋公稽子稽Duke Ji of Song
宋丁公子申Duke Ding of Song
宋湣公子共Duke Min of Song (the first)
宋煬公子熙Duke Yang of Song
宋厲公子鮒祀Duke Li of Song
宋釐公子舉858 BC-831 BCDuke Li of Song
宋惠公子覵830 BC-800 BCDuke Hui of Song
宋哀公800 BC-800 BCDuke Ai of Song
宋戴公799 BC-766 BCDuke Dai of Song
宋武公子司空765 BC-748 BCDuke Wu of Song
宋宣公子力747 BC-729 BCDuke Xuan of Song
宋穆公子和728 BC-720 BCDuke Mu of Song
宋殤公子與夷719 BC-711 BCDuke Shang of Song
宋莊公子馮710 BC-692 BCDuke Zhuang of Song
宋湣公子捷691 BC-682 BCDuke Min of Song (the second)
宋廢公子游682 BC-682 BCDuke Fei of Song (the first)
宋桓公子禦說681 BC-651 BCDuke Huan of Song (the first)
宋襄公子玆甫650 BC-637 BCDuke Xiang of Song
宋成公子王臣636 BC-620 BCDuke Cheng of Song
宋廢公子禦620 BC-620 BCDuke Fei of Song (the second)
宋昭公子杵臼619 BC-611 BCDuke Zhao of Song (the first)
宋文公子鮑革610 BC-589 BCDuke Wen of Song
宋共公子瑕588 BC-576 BCDuke Gong of Song
宋平公子成575 BC-532 BCDuke Ping of Song
宋元公子佐531 BC-517 BCDuke Yuan of Song
宋景公子頭曼516 BC-469 BCDuke Jing of Song
宋昭公子特468 BC-494 BCDuke Zhao of Song (the second)
宋悼公子購由403 BC-385 BCDuke Dao of Song
宋休公子田385 BC-363 BCDuke Xiu of Song
宋桓公子辟兵362 BC-356 BCDuke Huan of Song (the second)
宋剔成君戴剔成355 BC-329 BCTi Cheng Jun of Song
宋康王戴偃328 BC-286 BCKing Kang of Song

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