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User page for oscarsun72

Real name:孫守真

User defined properties

Linguistic properties
解讀方法 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
單字想複詞 [先秦] [漢後] Personal
找對主詞·受詞·對象 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
添字還原 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
七星大法:時間vs空間 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
用典 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
先抓動詞·找對詞性 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
相對位置有相關字義 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
斷句 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·形聲構字vs象形構字會意構字 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·聲音變化的關係·聲調不重要 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
倒序重組 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·聲音變化的關係·雙聲通假 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·聲音變化的關係·同音通假 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·換聲符 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·換部首部件 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
單字想複詞 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·聲音變化的關係·疊韻通假 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)
字形結構兼音義·聲音變化的關係·疊韻通假 [先秦] [漢後] Public (pending)

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