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Condition 1: References "辰彼碩女,令德來教" Matched:2.
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先秦兩漢 - Pre-Qin and Han

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史書 - Histories

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列女傳 - Lie Nü Zhuan

[Western Han (206 BC - 9)] Liu Xiang
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2 楊夫人:

經典文獻 - Ancient Classics

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詩經 - Book of Poetry

[Western Zhou (1046 BC - 771 BC)]
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[Also known as: 《詩》, "The Book of Odes"]

小雅 - Minor odes of the kingdom

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桑扈之什 - Decade Of Sang Hu

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車舝 - Che Xia

English translation: James Legge [?]
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2 車舝:
Che Xia:
Dense is that forest in the plain,
And there sit the long-tailed pheasants.
In her proper season that well-grown lady,
With her admirable virtue, is come to instruct me.
We will feast, and I will praise her.
' I love you, and will never be weary of you. '

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