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先秦兩漢 - Pre-Qin and Han

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道家 - Daoism

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道德經 - Dao De Jing

[Warring States (475 BC - 221 BC)] English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: 《老子》, "Tao Te Ching", "Laozi"]

24 道德經:
Dao De Jing:
(Painful graciousness)
He who stands on his tiptoes does not stand firm; he who stretches his legs does not walk (easily). (So), he who displays himself does not shine; he who asserts his own views is not distinguished; he who vaunts himself does not find his merit acknowledged; he who is self- conceited has no superiority allowed to him. Such conditions, viewed from the standpoint of the Dao, are like remnants of food, or a tumour on the body, which all dislike. Hence those who pursue (the course) of the Dao do not adopt and allow them.

老子河上公章句 - Heshanggong Laozi

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出土文獻 - Excavated texts

馬王堆 - Mawangdui

老子甲 - Laozi A


22 老子甲道... :

老子乙 - Laozi B


22 老子乙道... :

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