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《否 - Pi》

English translation: James Legge [?] Library Resources
1 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
(The trigrams of) heaven and earth, not in intercommunication, form Pi. The superior man, in accordance with this, restrains (the manifestation) of) his virtue, and avoids the calamities (that threaten him). There is no opportunity of conferring on him the glory of emolument.

2 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The good fortune through firm goodness, (suggested by) the pulling up of the grass,' arises from the will (of the parties intended) being bent on (serving) the ruler.

3 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The great man, comporting himself as the distress and obstruction require, will have success: - 'he does not allow himself to be disordered by the herd (of small men).

4 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
That 'his shame is folded in his breast' is owing to the inappropriateness of his position.

5 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He acts in accordance with the ordination (of Heaven), and commits no error:' - the purpose of his mind can be carried into effect.

6 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
The good fortune of the great man' arises from the correctness of his position.

7 否:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The distress and obstruction having reached its end, it is overthrown and removed:' - how could it be prolonged?

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