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《復 - Fu》

English translation: James Legge [?] Library Resources
1 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
(The trigram representing) the earth and that for thunder in the midst of it form Fu. The ancient kings, in accordance with this, on the day. of the (winter) solstice, shut the gates of the passes (from one state to another), so that the travelling merchants could not (then) pursue their journeys, nor the princes go on with the inspection of their states.

2 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
'Returning (from an error) of no great extent' is the prelude to the cultivation of the person.

3 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The good fortune attendant on the admirable return (of the subject of the second line)' is due to his condescension to the virtuous (subject of the line) below.

4 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
Notwithstanding 'the perilous position of him who has made many returns,' there will be no error through (his aiming after righteousness).

5 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He moves right in the centre (among those represented by the other divided lines), and yet returns alone:' - his object is to pursue the (proper) path.

6 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The noble return, giving no ground for repentance,' is due to (the subject of the line) striving to perfect himself in accordance with his central position.

7 復:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The evil consequent on being all astray on the subject of returning' is because the course pursued is contrary to the proper course for a ruler.

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