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《渙 - Huan》

English translation: James Legge [?] Library Resources
1 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
(The trigram representing) water and that for wind moving above the water form Huan. The ancient kings, in accordance with this, presented offerings to God and established the ancestral temple.

2 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The good fortune attached to the first six, divided),'is due to the natural course (pursued by its subject).

3 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
'Amidst the prevailing dispersion, he hurries to his contrivance (for security):' - he gets what he desires.

4 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He has no regard to his own person:' - his aim is directed to what is external to himself.

5 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He scatters the (different) parties (in the state), and there is great good fortune:' - brilliant and great (are his virtue and service).

6 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The accumulations of the royal (granaries) are dispersed, and there is no error:' - this is due to the correctness of the position.

7 渙:
Xiang Zhuan:
'His bloody wounds are gone:' - he is far removed from the danger of injury.

URN: ctp:book-of-changes/huan2