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《坤 - Kun》

English translation: James Legge [?]
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1 坤:
Tuan Zhuan:
Complete is the 'great and originating (capacity)' indicated by Kun! All things owe to it their birth; - it receives obediently the influences of Heaven. Kun, in its largeness, supports and contains all things. Its excellent capacity matches the unlimited power (of Qian). Its comprehension is wide, and its brightness great. The various things obtain (by it) their full development. The mare is a creature of earthly kind. Its (power of) moving on the earth is without limit; it is mild and docile, advantageous and firm: - such is the course of the superior man. 'If he take the initiative, he goes astray:' - he misses, that is, his proper course. 'If he follow,' he is docile, and gets into his regular (course). 'In the south-west he will get friends:' - he will be walking with those of his own class. 'In the north-east he will lose friends:' - but in the end there will be ground for congratulation. 'The good fortune arising from resting in firmness' corresponds to the unlimited capacity of the earth.

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