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《泰 - Tai》

English translation: James Legge [?] Library Resources
1 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
(The trigrams for) heaven and earth in communication together form Tai. The (sage) sovereign, in harmony with this, fashions and completes (his regulations) after the courses of heaven and earth, and assists the application of the adaptations furnished by them, - in order to benefit the people.

2 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The good fortune of advance, (as suggested by the emblem of) the grass pulled up,' arises from the will (of the party intended) being set on what is external to himself.

3 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He bears with the uncultivated, and proves himself acting in accordance with the due mean:' - for (his intelligence is) bright and (his capacity is) great.

4 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
'There is no going away so that there shall not be a return' refers to this as the point where the interaction of heaven and earth takes place.

5 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He comes fluttering (down), not relying on his own rich resources:' - both he and his neighbours are out of their real (place where they are). 'They have not received warning, but (come) in the sincerity (of their hearts):' - this is what they have desired in the core of their hearts.

6 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
'By such a course there is happiness, and there will be great good fortune:' - (the subject of the line) employs the virtue proper to his central position to carry his wishes into effect.

7 泰:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The city wall returned back into the moat' shows how the (governmental) orders have (long) been in disorder.

URN: ctp:book-of-changes/tai2