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《巽 - Xun》

English translation: James Legge [?] Library Resources
1 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
(Two trigrams representing) wind, following each other, form Xun. The superior man, in accordance with this, reiterates his orders, and secures the practice of his affairs.

2 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
'(Now) he advances, (now) he recedes:' - his mind is perplexed. 'It would be advantageous for him to have the firmness of a brave soldier:' - his mind would in that case be well governed.

3 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The good fortune springing from what borders on confusion' is due to the position (of the line) in the centre.

4 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The regret arising from the violent and repeated efforts to penetrate' shows the exhaustion of the will.

5 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
'He takes game in his hunting, enough for the threefold use of it:' - he achieves merit.

6 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The good fortune of (the subject of) the fifth NINE, undivided,' is owing to its correct position and its being in the centre.

7 巽:
Xiang Zhuan:
'The representative of penetration is beneath a couch:' - though occupying the topmost place, his powers are exhausted. 'He has lost the axe with which he executed his decisions:' - though he try to be correct, there will be evil.

URN: ctp:book-of-changes/xun2