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《中孚 - Zhong Fu》

English translation: James Legge [?]
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1 中孚:
Tuan Zhuan:
In Zhong Fu we have the (two) weak lines in the innermost part (of the figure), and strong lines occupying the central places (in the trigrams). (We have the attributes) of pleased satisfaction and flexible penetration. Sincerity (thus symbolled) will transform a country. 'Pigs and fish (are moved), and there will be good fortune:' - sincerity reaches to (and affects even) pigs and fishes. 'There will be advantage in crossing the great stream:' - (we see in the figure) one riding on (the emblem of) wood, which forms an empty boat. In (the exercise of the virtue denoted by) Zhong Fu, (it is said that) 'there will be advantage in being firm and correct:' - in that virtue indeed we have the response (of man) to Heaven.

URN: ctp:book-of-changes/zhong-fu1