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《诗经 - Book of Poetry》

[Western Zhou (1046 BC - 771 BC)] English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: 《诗》, "The Book of Odes"]

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(宋)朱熹 诗经集传《钦定四库全书》本
(宋)朱熹 诗经集传《摛藻堂四库全书荟要》本
(宋)朱熹 诗经集传《乾隆御览四库全书荟要》本
(清)姚际恒撰 诗经通论
[More (25 total)](明)何楷 诗经世本古义《钦定四库全书》本
 国风 - Lessons from the states
  周南 - Odes Of Zhou And The South
  召南 - Odes Of Shao And The South
  邶风 - Odes Of Bei
  墉风 - Odes Of Yong
  卫风 - Odes Of Wei
  王风 - Odes Of Wang
  郑风 - Odes Of Zheng
  齐风 - Odes Of Qi
  魏风 - Odes Of Wei
  唐风 - Odes Of Tang
  秦风 - Odes Of Qin
  陈风 - Odes Of Chen
  桧风 - Odes Of Gui
  曹风 - Odes Of Cao
  豳风 - Odes Of Bin

 小雅 - Minor odes of the kingdom
  鹿鸣之什 - Decade Of Lu Ming
  白华之什 - Decade Of Baihua
  彤弓之什 - Decade Of Tong Gong
  祈父之什 - Decade Of Qi Fu
  小旻之什 - Decade Of Xiao Min
  北山之什 - Decade Of Bei Shan
  桑扈之什 - Decade Of Sang Hu
  都人士之什 - Decade Of Du Ren Shi

 大雅 - Greater odes of the kingdom
  文王之什 - Decade Of Wen Wang
  生民之什 - Decade Of Sheng Min
  荡之什 - Decade Of Dang

 颂 - Odes of the temple and the altar
  周颂 - Sacrificial odes of Zhou
  鲁颂 - Praise-Odes Of Lu
  商颂 - Sacrificial Odes Of Shang



Source: "The Chinese Classics, volume 4", James Legge, 1898

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