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皇矣 - Huang Yi

English translation: James Legge [?]
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3 皇矣:
Huang Yi:
God surveyed the hills,
Where the oaks and yu were thinned,
And paths made through the firs and cypresses.
God, who had raised the State, raised up a proper ruler for it; -
From the time of Da-bo and king Ju [this was done].
Now this king Ji,
In his heart was full of brotherly duty.
Full of duty to his elder brother,
He gave himself the more to promote the prosperity [of the country],
And secured to him the glory [of his act].
He accepted his dignity, and did not lose it,
And [ere long his family] possessed the whole kingdom.

4 皇矣:
Huang Yi:
The king Ji,
Was gifted by God with the power of judgement,
So that the fame of his virtue silently grew.
His virtue was highly intelligent; -
Highly intelligent and of rare discrimination;
Able to lead, able to rule, -
To rule over this great country;
Rendering a cordial submission, effecting a cordial union.
When [the sway] came to king Wen,
His virtue left nothing to be dissatisfied with.
He received the blessing of God,
And it was extended to his descendants.

Total 2 paragraphs. Page 1 of 1.