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儒家 - Confucianism

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禮記 - Liji

[Warring States (475 BC - 221 BC)]
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[Also known as: 《小戴禮記》, "The Classic of Rites"]

喪大記 - Sang Da Ji

English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: "The greater record of mourning rites"]

6 喪大記:
Sang Da Ji:
When the dead body (of a ruler) had been placed properly (beneath the window with the head to the south), his son sat (or knelt) on the east; his ministers, Great officers, uncles, cousins, their sons and grandsons, stood (also) on the east; the multitude of ordinary officers, who had the charge of the different departments, wailed below the hall, facing the north. His wife knelt on the west; the wives, aunts, sisters, their daughters and grand-daughters, whose husbands were of the same surname as he, stood (behind her) on the west; and the wives, his relatives of the same surname, whose position had been confirmed in their relation to their husbands, at the head of all the others married similarly to husbands of other surnames, wailed above in the hall, facing the north.

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