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    from-date 光緒戊戌年五月丁卯
清史稿·本紀二十四 德宗本紀二》:賞舉人梁啟超六品銜,辦理譯書局。
Liang Qichao (23 February 1873 – 19 January 1929) was a Chinese social and political activist, journalist, and intellectual who lived during the late Qing dynasty and the early Republic of China. His thought had a significant influence on the political reformation of modern China. He inspired Chinese scholars and activists with his writings and reform movements. His translations of Western and Japanese books into Chinese introduced new theories and ideas and inspired young activists.

In his youth, Liang Qichao joined his teacher Kang Youwei in the reform movement of 1898. When the movement was defeated, he fled to Japan and promoted a constitutional monarchy and organized political opposition to the dynasty. After the revolution of 1911, he joined Yuan Shikai's government and served as the chief justice and the first president of the currency system bureau. He became dissatisfied with Yuan Shikai and launched a movement to oppose his ambition to be emperor. After Yuan's death, he served as the finance chief of the Duan Qirui cabinet and as supervisor of the Salt Administration. He advocated the New Culture Movement and supported cultural change but not political revolution.

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梁啟超(1873年2月23日 - 1929年),署名作梁超,字卓如宏猷任甫,別號任公飲冰室主人,廣東省新會縣潮居都茶坑鄉人,人稱梁新會。筆名自由齋主人愛國者哀時客知新子飲冰子少年中國之少年中國之新民滄江等,尊稱中國近代維新先驅民主國士清朝末年、民國初年傑出的政治家、思想家、革命家、教育家、史學家、文學家、新法學家、詞彙發明家、書法家乃至名譽國際的「百科全書式」國師級人物。


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