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Chinese Text Project

亅+1 le liǎo ㄌㄜ· ㄌㄧㄠˇto finish; particle of completed actionv1,p0048#06p.85#11p.58r1c02
一+3 𠀚 𠙐 ㄅㄨˋ Not have. / To not be. / Negational adverb, used before verbs, adjectives, etc. to indicate negation. / Negational adverb expressing prohibition: do not. / Negational adverb expressing rhetorical question: is not...?v1,p0011#06p.76#15p.30r1c01
 fǒu ㄈㄡˇ Same as 「否(1.2)fǒu ㄈㄡˇ: Adverb used together with an affirmative word, expressing its negative or opposite. / Same as 「否(1.3)fǒu ㄈㄡˇ: Adverb used at the end of a question to form a yes-no question.
  ㄈㄨ Sepal of a flower.
  ㄆㄧ Same as 「丕(1) ㄆㄧ: Large.
  ㄅㄧˇ Show disdain for.
走+3𨑓 𡆡 𨑔 ㄑㄧˇrise, stand up; go up; beginv5,p3476#02p.1215#15p.1284r2c03

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