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Radical:+ 10 strokes = 16 strokes total.
References:Guangyun: p.324#24 Kangxi: p.911#36 Cihai: p.1027r6c04 GSR: 1112.h Hanyu: v5,p3155#19
Composition:Left: , right: .
Mandarin:xiǔ xiū ㄒㄧㄡˇ ㄒㄧㄡ
Cantonese:sau1 sau2
Fanqie:息有 (《廣韻·上聲··》)
Unihan definition:juice

Example usage

For the Bake, they took a sucking-pig or a (young) ram, and having cut it open and removed the entrails, filled the belly with dates. They then wrapped it round with straw and reeds, which they plastered with clay, and baked it. When the clay was all dry, they broke it off. Having washed their hands for the manipulation, they removed the crackling and macerated it along with rice-flour, so as to form a kind of gruel which they added to the pig. They then fried the whole in such a quantity of melted fat as to cover it. Having prepared a large pan of hot water, they placed in it a small tripod, which was filled with fragrant herbs, and the slices of the creature which was being prepared. They took care that the hot water did not cover this tripod, but kept up the fire without intermission for three days and nights. After this, the whole was served up with the addition of pickled meat and vinegar.
白孔六帖·卷十五》:...也膳獻禽羞刲之刳之 為稻粉溲之捶而食之...
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