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Semantic variant
Semantic variant

Radical:+ 0 strokes = 6 strokes total.
References:Guangyun: p.355#48 Kangxi: p.1000#07 Cihai: p.1108r3c01 GSR: 1237.m Hanyu: v5,p3046#01
Composition:Component of: 𦣺 𦣻 𭃙 𬣰 𧠆 𭎗 𦣾 𡇝 𭓫 𦣿 𭠪 𦤀 𡜍 𢍂 [More]
Mandarin: ㄗˋ
Tang reconstruction:*dzhì
Fanqie:疾二 (《廣韻·去聲··》)
Unihan definition:self, private, personal; from

CTP Dictionary

ㄗˋ (1): 自己,自身。 Oneself.
This and that are the same, the world has that and do not oppose themselves. We Mohists have these and yet they blame and oppose us. There can be no other reason than that they are stopped up within and closed without; their heart-minds are all filled in!
The Master said, "Faithfully admonish your friend, and skillfully lead him on. If you find him impracticable, stop. Do not disgrace yourself."
Why does Xu not weave it himself?
Lao Dan replied, 'In the governing of the intelligent kings, their services overspread all under the sky, but they did not seem to consider it as proceeding from themselves; their transforming influence reached to all things, but the people did not refer it to them with hope. No one could tell the name of their agency, but they made men and things be joyful in themselves. Where they took their stand could not be fathomed, and they found their enjoyment in (the realm of) nonentity.'
What is meant by "making the thoughts sincere." is the allowing no self-deception, as when we hate a bad smell, and as when we love what is beautiful. This is called self-enjoyment. Therefore, the superior man must be watchful over himself when he is alone.
ㄗˋ (2): 始。 Begin, beginning.
ㄗˋ (3): 從。 From.
Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?
Since there were living men until now, there never was another Confucius.
As Zhuang Zhou was rambling in the park of Diao-ling he saw a strange bird which came from the south. Its wings were seven cubits in width, and its eyes were large, an inch in circuit. It touched the forehead of Zhou as it passed him, and lighted in a grove of chestnut trees.
And as he entered by the north gate met Rujiu and Rufang, and the 'Rujiu' and 'Rufang' were written.
The practice of giving such names to (ordinary) officers began from this.
O sun; O moon, Which come forth from the east!
ㄗˋ (4): 原來,本來。 Originally.
ㄗˋ (5): 自然。 Natural, naturally.
I have heard that when the intelligent princes of antiquity established laws, the people were not wicked; when they undertook an enterprise, the required ability was practised spontaneously; when they distributed rewards, the army was strong. These three principles were the root of government.
ㄗˋ (6): 假如,若。 Supposing, if.
ㄗˋ (7): 即使,雖。 Even, even if.

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