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Confucianism -> Liji -> Ji Tong -> 13

Sacrifice is the greatest of all things.
Its apparatus of things employed in it is complete,
but that completeness springs from all being in accordance with the requirements (of nature and reason)
is it not this which enables us to find in it the basis of all the lessons of the sages?
君子 Therefore those lessons,
in the external sphere, inculcated the honouring of the ruler and of elders,
and, in the internal sphere, filial piety towards parents.
when there was an intelligent ruler above,
all his ministers submitted to and followed him.
When he reverently sacrificed in his ancestral temple, and at the altars to the (spirits of the) land and grain,
his sons and grandsons were filially obedient.
He did all his duty in his own walk,
and was correct in his righteousness;
and thence grew up the lessons (of all duty).

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