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Daoism -> Dao De Jing -> 64

(Guarding the minute)
That which is at rest is easily kept hold of;
before a thing has given indications of its presence, it is easy to take measures against it;
that which is brittle is easily broken;
that which is very small is easily dispersed.
Action should be taken before a thing has made its appearance;
order should be secured before disorder has begun.
The tree which fills the arms
grew from the tiniest sprout;
the tower of nine storeys
rose from a (small) heap of earth;
the journey of a thousand li
commenced with a single step.
He who acts (with an ulterior purpose) does harm;
he who takes hold of a thing (in the same way) loses his hold.
聖人The sage does not act (so), and therefore does no harm;
he does not lay hold (so), and therefore does not lose his bold.
(But) people in their conduct of affairs
are constantly ruining them when they are on the eve of success.
If they were careful at the end, as (they should be) at the beginning,
they would not so ruin them.
聖人Therefore the sage desires what (other men) do not desire,
and does not prize things difficult to get;
he learns what (other men) do not learn,
and turns back to what the multitude of men have passed by.
Thus he helps the natural development of all things,
and does not dare to act (with an ulterior purpose of his own).

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