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Daoism -> Dao De Jing -> 67

(Three precious things)
天下All the world says that, while my Dao is great,
it yet appears to be inferior (to other systems of teaching).
Now it is just its greatness
that makes it seem to be inferior.
If it were like any other (system), for long
would its smallness have been known!
But I have three precious things
which I prize and hold fast.
The first is gentleness;
the second is economy;
天下 and the third is shrinking from taking precedence of others.
With that gentleness I can be bold;
with that economy I can be liberal;
天下 shrinking from taking precedence of others,
I can become a vessel of the highest honour.
Now-a-days they give up gentleness and are all for being bold;
economy, and are all for being liberal;
the hindmost place, and seek only to be foremost;
- (of all which the end is) death.
Gentleness is sure to be victorious even in battle,
and firmly to maintain its ground.
Heaven will save its possessor,
by his (very) gentleness protecting him.

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