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Confucianism -> Mengzi -> Gaozi II -> 27.2

桓公Of the five chiefs the most powerful was the duke Huan.
葵丘諸侯 At the assembly of the princes in Kui Qiu,
he bound the victim and placed the writing upon it, but did not slay it to smear their mouths with the blood.
The first injunction in their agreement was,
"Slay the unfilial;
change not the son who has been appointed heir;
。』 exalt not a concubine to be the wife."
The second was,
"Honour the worthy, and maintain the talented,
。』 to give distinction to the virtuous."
The third was,
"Respect the old, and be kind to the young.
。』 Be not forgetful of strangers and travellers."
The fourth was,
"Let not offices be hereditary,
nor let officers be pluralists.
In the selection of officers let the object be to get the proper men.
。』 Let not a ruler take it on himself to put to death a Great officer."
The fifth was,
"Follow no crooked policy in making embankments.
Impose no restrictions on the sale of grain.
。』 Let there be no promotions without first announcing them to the sovereign."
It was then said,
。』 "All we who have united in this agreement shall hereafter maintain amicable relations."
諸侯 The princes of the present day all violate these five prohibitions,
諸侯 and therefore I say that the princes of the present day are sinners against the five chiefs.

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