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Confucianism -> Mengzi -> Li Lou II -> 29

孟子Mencius said,
諸馮 'Shun was born in Zhu Feng,
負夏 removed to Fu Xia,
鳴條 and died in Ming Tiao
- a man near the wild tribes on the east.
文王 King Wen was born in Zhou by mount Qi,
畢郢 and died in Bi Ying
西- a man near the wild tribes on the west.
Those regions were distant from one another
more than a thousand li,
and the age of the one sage was posterior to that of the other more than a thousand years.
But when they got their wish, and carried their principles into practice throughout the Middle Kingdom,
it was like uniting the two halves of a seal.
When we examine those sages, both the earlier and the later,
。」 their principles are found to be the same.'

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