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Confucianism -> Mengzi -> Li Lou II -> 52

羿Pang Meng learned archery of Yi.
羿天下羿When he had acquired completely all the science of Yi, he thought that in all the kingdom only Yi was superior to himself,
羿 and so he slew him.
孟子:「羿。」Mencius said, 'In this case Yi also was to blame.
公明儀 Gong Meng Yi indeed said,
。」 "It would appear as if he were not to be blamed,"
:「 but he thereby only meant that his blame was slight.
How can he be held without any blame?
使 The people of Chang sent Zi Zhuo Ru to make a stealthy attack on Wei,
使 which sent Yu Gong Zhi to pursue him.
Zi Zhuo Ru said,
"To-day I feel unwell,
so that I cannot hold my bow.
!』 I am a dead man!"
At the same time he asked his driver,
?』 "Who is it that is pursuing me?"
The driver said,
。』 "It is Yu Gong Si,"
on which, he exclaimed,
。』 "I shall live."
The driver said,
"Yu Gong Si is the best archer of Wei,
」,?』 what do you mean by saying 'I shall live?'"
Yu replied,
"Yu Gong Si learned archery from Yin Gong Tuo,
who again learned it from me.
Now, Yin Gong Tuo is an upright man,
。』 and the friends of his selection must be upright also."
When Yu Gong Si came up,
he said,
?』"Master, why are you not holding your bow?"
Yu answered him,
"To-day I am feeling unwell,
。』 and cannot hold my bow."
On this Si said,
"I learned archery from Yin Gong Tuo,
who again learned it from you.
I cannot bear to injure you with your own science.
The business of to-day, however,
is the prince's business,
。』 which I dare not neglect."
He then took his arrows, knocked off their steel points against the carriage-wheel,
。」discharged four of them, and returned.

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