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Ancient Classics -> Shang Shu -> Yu Shu -> Yi and Ji -> 3.2

The Di went on,
'My ministers constitute my legs and arms, my ears and eyes.
I wish to help and support my people
- you give effect to my wishes.
I wish to spread the influence (of my government) through the four quarters
- you act as my agents.
I wish to see the emblematic figures of the ancients
- the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountain, the dragons, and the flowery fowl (the pheasant), which are depicted (on the upper garment);
the temple cups, the pondweed, the flames, the grains of rice, the hatchet, and the symbol of distinction,
which are embroidered (on the lower Garment)
- (I wish to see all these) fully displayed in the five colours,
so as to form the (ceremonial) robes
- it is yours to see them clearly (for me).
I wish to hear the six pitch-tubes, the five notes (determined by them), and the eight kinds of musical instruments (regulated again by these),
examining thereby the virtues and defects of government,
according as (the odes that) go forth (from the court, set to music), and come in (from the people), are ordered by those five notes
- it is yours to hear them (for me).
退When I am doing wrong, it is yours to correct me; do not follow me to my face, and, when you have retired, have other remarks to make.
Be reverent, ye associates, who are before and behind and on each side of me!
As to all the obstinately stupid and calumniating talkers,
who are found not to be doing what is right,
are there not the target to exhibit (their true character),
the scourge to make them recollect,
and the book of remembrance?
Do we not wish them to live along with us?
There are also the masters (of music) to receive their compositions,
(set them to music), and continually publish them (as corrected by themselves).
If they become reformed they are to be received and employed;
。”if they do not, let the terrors (of punishment) overtake them.'

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