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Ancient Classics -> Shang Shu -> Zhou Shu -> Prince Shi -> 2

The duke said,
'Prince Shi,
I have heard that aforetime, when Tang the successful had received the appointment (to the throne),
伊尹he had with him Yi Yin,
making (his virtue) like that of great Heaven;
that Tai Jia had (the same Yi Yin),
the Bao-heng;
that Tai-wu
had Yi Zhi and Chen Hu,
through whom (his virtue) was made to affect God,
and Wu Xian who regulated the royal House;
that Zu-yi
had Wu Xian's son;
and that Wu-ding
had Gan Pan.
(These ministers) carried out (their principles), and displayed (their merit),
preserving and regulating the dynasty of Yin,
so that, while its ceremonies lasted, (those sovereigns), when deceased, were assessors to Heaven,
and its duration extended over many years.
Heaven thus determinately maintained its favouring appointment,
and Shang was replenished with men. The various heads of great surnames and members of the royal House, holding employments,
all held fast their virtue, and showed an anxious solicitude (for the kingdom).
The smaller ministers, and the guardian princes in the Hou and Dian domains,
hurried about on their services.
Thus did they all exert their virtue
and aid their sovereign,
so that whatever affairs he, the One man, had in hand, throughout the land,
。” an entire faith was reposed in their justice as in the indications of the shell or the divining stalks.'

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