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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Inner Chapters -> Nourishing the Lord of Life -> 5

老聃When Lao Dan died,
Qin Shi went to condole (with his son),
but after crying out three times, he came out.
The disciples said to him,
?” 'Were you not a friend of the Master?'
:“。”'I was,' he replied,
?”and they said, 'Is it proper then to offer your condolences merely as you have done?'
:“He said, 'It is.
At first
I thought he was the man of men,
and now I do not think so.
When I entered a little ago and expressed my condolences,
there were the old men wailing
as if they had lost a son,
and the young men wailing
as if they had lost their mother.
In his attracting and uniting them to himself in such a way
there must have been that which made them involuntarily express their words (of condolence),
and involuntarily wail, as they were doing.
And this was a hiding from himself of his Heaven (-nature), and an excessive indulgence of his (human) feelings;
a forgetting of what he had received (in being born);
what the ancients called the punishment due to neglecting the Heaven (-nature).
When the Master came, it was at the proper time;
when he went away, it was the simple sequence (of his coming).
Quiet acquiescence in what happens at its proper time,
and quietly submitting (to its ceasing) afford no occasion for grief or for joy.
。” The ancients described (death) as the loosening of the cord on which God suspended (the life).

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