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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Inner Chapters -> The Great and Most Honoured Master -> 4

南伯子葵女偊Nan-bo Zi-kui asked Nu Yu, saying,
'You are old, Sir,
while your complexion is like that of a child;
?」 how is it so?'
The reply was,
。」 'I have become acquainted with the Dao.'
南伯子葵 The other said,
?」 'Can I learn the Dao?'
:「Nu Yu said, 'No.
How can you?
You, Sir, are not the man to do so.
卜梁倚聖人 There was Bu-liang Yi who had the abilities of a sagely man,
聖人 but not the Dao,
聖人 while I had the Dao,
聖人 but not the abilities.
I wished, however, to teach him,
聖人if, peradventure, he might become the sagely man indeed.
If he should not do so,
聖人聖人 it was easy (I thought) for one possessing the Dao of the sagely man to communicate it to another possessing his abilities.
Accordingly, I proceeded to do so, but with deliberation.
天下After three days, he was able to banish from his mind all worldly (matters).
天下This accomplished,
I continued my intercourse with him in the same way;
and in seven days he was able to banish from his mind all thought of men and things.
This accomplished,
and my instructions continued,
after nine days, he was able to count his life as foreign to himself.
This accomplished,
his mind was afterwards clear as the morning;
and after this he was able to see his own individuality.
That individuality perceived,
he was able to banish all thought of Past or Present.
Freed from this,
he was able to penetrate to (the truth that there is no difference between) life and death
- (how) the destruction of life is not dying,
and the communication of other life is not living.
(The Dao) is a thing which accompanies all other things and meets them,
which is present when they are overthrown and when they obtain their completion.
Its name is Tranquillity amid all Disturbances,
。」 meaning that such Disturbances lead to Its Perfection.'
南伯子葵:「?」And how did you, being alone (without any teacher), learn all this?
:「副墨 'I learned it,' was the reply, 'from the son of Fu-mo;
副墨洛誦 he learned it from the grandson of Luo-song;
洛誦瞻明 he learned it from Zhan-ming;
瞻明聶許 he learned it from Nie-xu;
聶許需役he, from Xu-yu;
需役he, from Ou;
玄冥he, from Xuan-ming;
玄冥參寥he, from Shen-liao;
參寥疑始。」 and he learned it from Yi-shi.'

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