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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Outer Chapters -> Horses's Hoofs -> 1

Horses can with their hoofs tread on the hoarfrost and snow,
and with their hair withstand the wind and cold;
they feed on the grass and drink water;
they prance with their legs and leap:
this is the true nature of horses.
Though there were made for them grand towers and large dormitories,
they would prefer not to use them.
伯乐 But when Bo-le (arose and) said,
。” 'I know well how to manage horses,'
(men proceeded) to singe and mark them,
to clip their hair, to pare their hoofs,
to halter their heads, to bridle them and hobble them,
and to confine them in stables and corrals.
(When subjected to this treatment), two or three in every ten of them died.
(Men proceeded further) to subject them to hunger and thirst,
to gallop them and race them,
and to make them go together in regular order.
In front were the evils of the bit and ornamented breastbands,
and behind were the terrors of the whip and switch.
(When so treated), more than half of them died.
The (first) potter said,
'I know well how to deal with clay;'
and (men proceeded) to mould it into circles as exact as if made by the compass,
。” and into squares as exact as if formed by the measuring square.
The (first) carpenter said,
'I know well how to deal with wood;'
and (men proceeded) to make it bent as if by the application of the hook,
。” and straight as if by the application of the plumb-line.
But is it the nature of clay and wood
to require the application of the compass and square, of the hook and line?
And yet age after age men have praised Bo-le, saying,
伯乐 'He knew well how to manage horses,'
。”and also the (first) potter and carpenter, saying, 'They knew well how to deal with clay and wood.'
天下This is just the error committed by the governors of the world.

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