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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Outer Chapters -> The Tree on the Mountain -> 3

卫灵公Bei-gong She was collecting taxes for duke Ling of Wei, to be employed in making (a peal of) bells.
(In connexion with the work) he built an altar outside the gate of the suburban wall;
and in three months the bells were completed, even to the suspending of the upper and lower (tiers).
:“?”The king's son Qing-ji saw them, and asked what arts he had employed in the making of them.
She replied,
'Besides my undivided attention to them,
I did not venture to use any arts.
I have heard the saying,
"After all the carving and the chiselling,
。’ let the object be to return to simplicity."
I was as a child who has no knowledge;
I was extraordinarily slow and hesitating;
they grew like the springing plants of themselves.
In escorting those who went and meeting those who came,
my object was neither to hinder the comers
nor detain the goers.
I suffered those who strongly opposed to take their way,
and accepted those who did their best to come to terms.
I allowed them all to do the utmost they could,
and in this way morning and evening I collected the taxes. I did not have the slightest trouble,
!” and how much more will this be the case with those who pursue the Great Way (on a grand scale)!'

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