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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Inner Chapters -> The Adjustment of Controversies -> 3

If there were not (the views of) another, I should not have mine;
if there were not I (with my views), his would be uncalled for:
-- this is nearly a true statement of the case,
使 but we do not know what it is that makes it be so.
It might seem as if there would be a true Governor concerned in it,
but we do not find any trace (of his presence and acting).
That such an One could act so I believe;
but we do not see His form.
He has affections, but He has no form.
Given the body, with its hundred parts, its nine openings, and its six viscera,
all complete in their places,
which do I love the most?
Do you love them all equally?
or do you love some more than others?
Is it not the case that they all perform the part of your servants and waiting women?
All of them being such, are they not incompetent to rule one another?
or do they take it in turns to be now ruler and now servants?
There must be a true Ruler (among them)
whether by searching you can find out His character or not,
there is neither advantage nor hurt, so far as the truth of His operation is concerned.
When once we have received the bodily form complete,
its parts do not fail to perform their functions till the end comes.
In conflict with things or in harmony with them,
they pursue their course to the end, with the speed of a galloping horse which cannot be stopped
- is it not sad?
To be constantly toiling all one's lifetime, without seeing the fruit of one's labour,
and to be weary and worn out with his labour, without knowing where he is going to
- is it not a deplorable case?
Men may say, 'But it is not death;' yet of what advantage is this?
When the body is decomposed,
the mind will be the same along with it
- must not the case be pronounced very deplorable?
Is the life of man indeed enveloped in such darkness?
Is it I alone to whom it appears so?
And does it not appear to be so to other men?

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