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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Inner Chapters -> The Adjustment of Controversies -> 7

Among the men of old their knowledge reached the extreme point.
恶乎What was that extreme point?
Some held that at first there was not anything.
This is the extreme point, the utmost point
to which nothing can be added.
A second class held that there was something,
but without any responsive recognition of it (on the part of men).
A third class held that there was such recognition,
but there had not begun to be any expression of different opinions about it.
It was through the definite expression of different opinions about it
that there ensued injury to (the doctrine of) the Dao.
It was this injury to the (doctrine of the) Dao
which led to the formation of (partial) preferences.
Was it indeed after such preferences were formed that the injury came?
or did the injury precede the rise of such preferences?
If the injury arose after their formation,
Zhao's method of playing on the lute was natural.
If the injury arose before their formation,
there would have been no such playing on the lute as Zhao's.
Zhao Wen's playing on the lute,
师旷 Shi Kuang's indicating time with his staff,
惠子and Huizi's (giving his views), while leaning against a dryandra tree (were all extraordinary).
The knowledge of the three men (in their several arts)
was nearly perfect,
and therefore they practised them to the end of their lives.
They loved them because
they were different from those of others.
They loved them
and wished to make them known to others.
But as they could not be made clear, though they tried to make them so,
they ended with the obscure (discussions) about 'the hard' and 'the white.'
And their sons, moreover, with all the threads of their fathers' compositions,
yet to the end of their lives accomplished nothing.
If they, proceeding in this way, could be said to have succeeded,
then am I also successful;
if they cannot be pronounced successful,
neither I nor any other can succeed.
耀Therefore the scintillations of light from the midst of confusion and perplexity
圣人 are indeed valued by the sagely man;
but not to use one's own views and to take his position on the ordinary views
is what is called using the (proper) light.

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