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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Outer Chapters -> The Revolution of Heaven -> 3.2

:“The Di said, 'It was likely that it should so affect you!
It was performed with (the instruments of) men,
and all attuned according to (the influences of) Heaven.
It proceeded according to (the principles of) propriety and righteousness,
and was pervaded by (the idea of) the Grand Purity.
The Perfect Music first had its response in the affairs of men,
and was conformed to the principles of Heaven;
it indicated the action of the five virtues,
and corresponded to the spontaneity (apparent in nature).
After this it showed the blended distinctions of the four seasons,
and the grand harmony of all things
- the succession of those seasons one after another,
and the production of things in their proper order.
Now it swelled, and now it died away,
its peaceful and military strains clearly distinguished and given forth.
Now it was clear, and now rough,
as if the contracting and expanding of the elemental processes blended harmoniously (in its notes).
Those notes then flowed away in waves of light,
till, as when the hibernating insects first begin to move,
I commanded the terrifying crash of thunder.
Its end was marked by no formal conclusion,
and it began again without any prelude.
It seemed to die away, and then it burst into life;
it came to a close, and then it rose again.
So it went on regularly and inexhaustibly,
and without the intervention of any pause:
it was this which made you afraid.

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