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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Outer Chapters -> The Revolution of Heaven -> 5.2

:“Laozi said, 'Just so!
使 If the Dao could be presented (to another),
men would all present it to their rulers;
使 if it could be served up (to others),
men would all serve it up to their parents;
使 if it could be told (to others),
men would all tell it to their brothers;
使 if it could be given to others,
men would all give it to their sons and grandsons.
The reason why it cannot be transmitted is no other but this
- that if, within, there be not the presiding principle, it will not remain there,
and if, outwardly, there be not the correct obedience, it will not be carried out.
When that which is given out from the mind (in possession of it)
is not received by the mind without,
圣人 the sage will not give it out;
and when, entering in from without,
there is no power in the receiving mind to entertain it,
圣人 the sage will not permit it to lie hid there.
Fame is a possession common to all; we should not seek to have much of it.
Benevolence and righteousness were as the lodging-houses of the former kings;
宿we should only rest in them for a night, and not occupy them for long.
If men see us doing so, they will have much to say against us.
The perfect men of old
trod the path of benevolence as a path which they borrowed for the occasion,
宿 and dwelt in Righteousness as in a lodging which they used for a night.
Thus they rambled in the vacancy of Untroubled Ease,
found their food in the fields of Indifference,
and stood in the gardens which they had not borrowed.
Untroubled Ease requires the doing of nothing;
Indifference is easily supplied with nourishment;
not borrowing needs no outlay.
The ancients called this the Enjoyment that Collects the True.

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