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Daoism -> Zhuangzi -> Outer Chapters -> The Tree on the Mountain -> 2.4

The ruler rejoined,
'The way to it is solitary and distant, and there are no people on it
- whom shall I have as my companions?
I have no provisions prepared,
and how shall I get food?
?” How shall I be able to get (to the country)?'
The officer said,
'Minimise your lordship's expenditure,
寡君 and make your wants few,
and though you have no provisions prepared, you will find you have enough.
Wade through the rivers and float along on the sea,
where however you look, you see not the shore,
and, the farther you go, you do not see where your journey is to end
- those who escorted you to the shore will return,
and after that you will feel yourself far away.
Thus it is that he who owns men (as their ruler) is involved in troubles,
and he who is owned by men (as their ruler) suffers from sadness;
and hence Yao would neither own men,
nor be owned by them.
I wish to remove your trouble,
and take away your sadness,
and it is only (to be done by inducing you) to enjoy yourself with the Dao in the land of Great Vacuity.
If a man is crossing a river in a boat,
and another empty vessel comes into collision with it,
even though he be a man of a choleric temper, he will not be angry with it.
If there be a person, however, in that boat,
he will bawl out to him to haul out of the way.
If his shout be not heard,
he will repeat it; and if the other do not then hear,
he will call out a third time,
following up the shout with abusive terms.
Formerly he was not angry, but now he is;
formerly (he thought) the boat was empty, but now there is a person in it.
If a man can empty himself of himself, during his time in the world,
!” who can harm him?'

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