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Histories -> Shiji -> Annals -> Annals of the Xia -> 34

Kongjia died, and his son Emperor Gao came to the throne.
Emperor Gao died, and his son Emperor Fa came to the throne.
Emperor Fa died, and his son Emperor Lu Gui, that is Jie, came to the throne.
Regarding the reign of the Emperor Jie,
諸侯 ever since the time of Kongjia the barons had frequently rebelled.
Jie of Xia did not strive after virtue, and the wars injured the people.
Unable to endure their wrongs
they summoned Tang to their aid, but he was imprisoned in the tower of Xia;
being afterwards released.
諸侯夏桀Tang cultivated virtue, and the princes all went over to him, so Tang led an army to attack Jie of Xia.
鳴條Jie fled to Mingtiao, and was eventually driven out and slain.
:「使。」Jie observed to someone, 'I regret that I did not take the opportunity of killing Tang in the tower of Xia, and then I should not have been brought to such a pass.'
天子天下Tang, being seated on the Imperial throne, superseded Xia, and gave audience to the people.
Tang enfeoffed the descendants of the Xias.
Until the time of the Zhou dynasty they held the principality of Qi.

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