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Mohism -> Mozi -> Book 1 -> On the necessity of standards -> 4

天下All states in the world, large or small,
are cities of Heaven,
and all people, young or old, honourable or humble,
are its subjects;
for they all graze oxen and sheep, feed dogs and pigs,
and prepare clean wine and cakes
to sacrifice to Heaven.
Does this not mean that Heaven claims all
and accepts offerings from all?
Since Heaven does claim all and accepts offerings from all, what then can make us say that it does not desire men to love and benefit one another?
:“Hence those who love and benefit others
Heaven will bless.
Those who hate and harm others
。” Heaven will curse,
2for it is said
that he who murders the innocent
will be visited by misfortune.
How else can we explain the fact that men, murdering each other, will be cursed by Heaven?
Thus we are certain that Heaven desires to have men love and benefit one another and abominates to have them hate and harm one another.

1. 牛 : Inserted. 孙诒让《墨子闲诂》
2. 曰 : Originally read: "日". Corrected by 吴毓江《墨子校注》
3. 知 : Inserted. 孙诒让《墨子闲诂》

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