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周公旦天下Anciently, Dan, duke of Zhou, did most meritorious service for the kingdom.
周公成王康王周公》,》;》;》;天子周公 After his death the kings Cheng and Kang, bearing in mind all his admirable work, and wishing to honour Lu, granted to its lords the right of offering the greatest sacrifices - those in the borders of their capital to Heaven and Earth, in the wider sphere of sacrifice; and the great summer and autumnal sacrifices in the ancestral temple of the state. At those great summer and autumnal sacrifices, on the hall above, they sang the Qing Miao, and in the courtyard below it they danced the Xiang to the flute; they carried red shields and axes adorned with jade in performing the Da Wu dance; and this was the music employed by the son of Heaven. (Those kings) in acknowledgment of the great merit of the duke of Zhou, allowed (the use of those sacrifices and this music) to the (marquis of) Lu.
周公His descendants have continued it, and down to the present day it is not abolished, thereby showing clearly the virtue of the lords of Zhou and magnifying their state.

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