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Confucianism -> Liji -> Ji Tong -> 14

君子Therefore a superior man, in the service of his ruler,
should find (guidance for) all his personal conduct.
What does not satisfy him in (the behaviour of) his superiors,
使 he will not show in his employment of those below himself;
and what he dislikes in the behaviour of those below him,
he will not show in the service of his superiors.
To disapprove of anything in another,
and do the same himself,
is contrary to the rule of instruction.
君子 Therefore the superior in the inculcation of his lessons,
ought to proceed from the foundation (of all duty).
This will show him pursuing the greatest method of what is natural and right in the highest degree;
and is not this what is seen in sacrifice?
Hence we have the saying that
'The first and greatest teaching is to be found in sacrifice.'

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