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Mohism -> Mozi -> Book 1 -> Indulgence in Excess -> 8

Every creature living between Heaven and earth and within the four seas partakes of the nature of Heaven and earth and the harmony of the Yin and the Yang.
Even the greatest sages cannot alter this.
How do we know?
圣人 When they taught about Heaven and earth,
they dwelt on the upper and the lower spheres
and the four seasons,
the principles of Yin and Yang
and human nature,
the phenomena of men and women,
birds and animals,
and that of the sexes.
Even the early kings could not escape from the fundamentals of nature.
Even the great sages of ancient times
must keep a household.
Only, as their conduct was not unfavorably affected,
there was no dissatisfaction among the people,
and as women were not kept within the palace (to be spinsters)
天下 there were few bachelors in the empire.
天下As women were not kept within the palace and as there were few bachelors abroad, the population in the empire was large.
The present rulers of large states retain as many women as a thousand in their household
and those of small states as many as a hundred.
天下Therefore men in the empire are mostly without wife
and women without husband.
1The functions of men and women are prevented
and the population becomes small.
If the rulers sincerely desire the population to be large and hate to see it small, they must not indulge in retaining too many women.

1. 女 : Originally read: "子". Corrected by 孙诒让《墨子闲诂》

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