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Mohism -> Mozi -> Book 2 -> Exaltation of the Virtuous II -> 8

王公大人天下Now, the rulers want to be lord over the empire
諸侯 and be head of the feudal lords.
But how can it be done without virtue and righteousness?
Their way must be by overpowering and overawing.
王公大人But what makes them adopt this?
It simply pursues the people to death.
But life is what the people eagerly desire,
and death what they greatly dread.
What is desired is not obtained, but what is dreaded befalls them ever so often.
From antiquity to the present,
天下諸侯 none has yet been able to be lord over the empire and head of the feudal lords by this way.
天下Now the rulers desire to be lord of the world
諸侯and head of the feudal lords
使天下 and want to have their ideas prevail all over the world,
and their names established in posterity.
But why do they not learn that exaltation of the virtuous is the foundation of government?
聖人This was the actual conduct of the sages.

1. 為 : Inserted. 孫詒讓《墨子閒詁》

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