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Mohism -> Mozi -> Book 4 -> Universal Love III -> 1

墨子Mozi said:
The purpose of the magnanimous
天下lies in procuring benefits for the world
天下。” and eliminating its calamities.
Now among all the current calamities,
天下 which are the most important?
:“天下The attack on the small states by the large ones, disturbances of the small houses by the large ones, oppression of the weak by the strong, misuse of the few by the many, deception of the simple by the cunning, disdain towards the humble by the honoured - these are the misfortunes in the empire.
天下Again, the lack of grace on the part of the ruler, the lack of loyalty on the part of the minIster, the lack of affection on the part of the father, the lack of filial piety on the part of the son - these are further calamities in the empire.
天下Also, the mutual injury and harm which the unscrupulous do to one another with weapons, poison, water, and fire is still another calamity in the empire.
When we come to think about the cause of all these calamities, how have they arisen?
Have they arisen out of love of others and benefiting others?
Of course we should say no.
We should say they have arisen out of hate of others and injuring others.
天下 If we should classify one by one all those who hate others and injure others,
should we find them to be universal in love or partial?
Of course we should say they are partial.
天下Now, since partiality against one another is the cause of the major calamities in the empire,
。” then partiality is wrong.

1. 生 : Inserted. 孙诒让《墨子闲诂》
2. 曰 : Inserted. 孙诒让《墨子闲诂》

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