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Mohism -> Mozi -> Book 9 -> Anti-Fatalism III -> 3

The ancient wicked kings originated it
and the miserable people practised it.
It was shaking the convictions of the multitudes and converting the stupid.
And this was already of great concern to the ancient sage-kings.
They put it down on the bamboos and silk and cut it in metal and stone and engraved it on dishes and cups to be handed down to their descendants.
In what books are they embodied?
"Zong De" of Yu says:
"When promises are not fulfilled
even a subject of Heaven will not be protected.
When one has touched the evil star,
Heaven will visit him with its curse.
When one is not careful about one's conduct,
’? how can fate of Heaven protect him?"
仲虺 "The Announcement of Zhong Hui" says:
"I have heard that the man of Xia
issued orders, pretending them to be fate of Heaven.
God was displeased
。’ and destroyed his armies."
He made use of what did not exist as if it had existed,
and therefore it was called pretension.
If he declared to be existent what really existed,
how would this be pretension?
In ancient times,
Jie believed in fate and acted accordingly.
仲虺 Tang here showed it to be wrong through "The Announcement of Zhong Hui."
"The Great Declaration " says:
"Therefore the Prince Regent Fa said:
君子'Ah, my lords,
Heaven blesses the virtuous.
Its way is clear.
Example need not be sought far.
It is in the King of Yin.
He claimed each man had his own fate,
worship should not be practised,
sacrifices were of no avail,
and wickedness could do no harm.
God withdrew his blessing
and the nine districts are lost to him.
God is not pleased
and is visiting him with ruin.
Hence it is that our Zhou (the dynasty, the empire)
。’ is given by the Great God.'"
That is, Zhou believed in fate and acted accordingly.
武王 King Wu refuted him in "The Great Declaration."
why not examine the records of Yu, Xia, Shang, and Zhou,
and see that all of them held there is no fate?
?” How would you account for this?

1. 人 : Inserted. 孙诒让《墨子闲诂》

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