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Song-Ming -> Romance of the Three Kingdoms -> Jizhou Taken: Yuan Shang Strives; River Zhang Cut: Xu You Schemes -> 2

袁紹審配便袁紹袁尚審配逢紀袁尚使袁譚便郭圖辛評:「審配逢紀。」辛評:「。」袁譚:「?」郭圖:「。」Shen Pei and some others set about the mourning ceremonies for the dead man. His wife, Lady Liu, put to death five of his favorite concubines, and such was the bitterness of her jealousy that, not content with this, she shaved off the hair and slashed the faces of their poor corpses lest their spirits should meet and rejoin her late husband in the land of shades beneath the Nine Golden Springs. Her son followed up this piece of cruelty by slaying all the relatives of the unhappy concubines lest they should avenge their deaths. Shen Pei and Peng Ji declared Yuan Shang successor with the titles of Regent Marshal and Supreme Imperial Protector of the four regions of Jizhou, Qingzhou, Youzhou, and Bingzhou and sent in a report of the death of the late Imperial Protector. At this time Yuan Tan, the eldest son, had already marched out his army to oppose Cao Cao. But hearing of his father's death, he called in Guo Tu and Xin Ping to consult as to his course of action. "In your absence, my lord," said Guo Tu, "the two advisers of your younger brother will certainly set him up as lord, wherefore you must act quickly." "Those two, Shen Pei and Peng Ji, have already laid their plans," said Xin Ping. "If you go, you will meet with some misfortune." "Then what should I do?" asked Yuan Tan. Guo Tu replied, "Go and camp near the city, and watch what is taking place while I enter and inquire."

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