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Song-Ming -> Romance of the Three Kingdoms -> Jizhou Taken: Yuan Shang Strives; River Zhang Cut: Xu You Schemes -> 8

退王修使袁尚審配:「郭圖。」袁尚便袁譚袁尚:「!」袁譚袁譚郭圖岑璧This was displeasing to Yuan Tan, and he angrily dismissed Wang Xiu, while he sent the treacherous invitation to his brother. Yuan Shang and Shen Pei talked over the matter. Shen Pei said, "I recognize one of Guo Tu's stratagems and if you go, my lord, you will be the victim of their plot. Rather strike at them at once." Whereupon Yuan Shang rode out to battle. His brother Yuan Tan, seeing him come with fifty thousand troops, knew that his treachery had been discovered, so he also took the field. When the forces were near enough, Yuan Tan opened on Yuan Shang with a volley of abuse. "You poisoned my father and usurped the succession. Now you come out to slay your elder brother?" The battle went against Yuan Tan. Yuan Shang himself took part in the fight, risking the arrows and the stones. He urged on his troops and drove his brother off the field. Yuan Tan took refuge in Pingyuan. Yuan Shang drew off his army to his own city. Yuan Tan and Guo Tu decided upon a new attack, and this time they chose General Cen Bi as Leader of the Van. Yuan Shang went to meet him.

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