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Song-Ming -> Romance of the Three Kingdoms -> Jizhou Taken: Yuan Shang Strives; River Zhang Cut: Xu You Schemes -> 11

辛毗程昱:「袁譚袁尚。」呂虔滿寵:「?」荀攸:「天下劉表天下袁尚袁譚天下。」Cao Cao read them and told the messenger to wait in his camp while he called his officers to a council. The council met. Cheng Yu said, "Yuan Tan has been forced into making this offer because of the pressure of his brother's attack. Put no trust in him." Lu Qian and Man Chong said, "You have led your armies here for a special purpose. How can you abandon that and go to assist Yuan Tan?" "Gentlemen, not one of you is giving good advice," interposed Xu You. "This is how I regard it. Since there is universal trouble, in the midst of which Liu Biao remains quietly content with his position between the River Zhang and the River Han, it is evident that he has no ambition to enlarge his borders. The Yuans hold four regions and have many legions of soldiers. Harmony between the two brothers means success for the family, and none can foresee what will happen in the empire. Now take advantage of this fraternal conflict and let them fight till they are weakened and have to yield to our Prime Minister. Then Yuan Shang can be removed, and when the times are suitable, Yuan Tan can be destroyed in his turn. Thus peace will ensue. This present combination of circumstances is to be taken advantage of to full measure."

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